what I do

I build and deploy web applications of all types and scale.

Node, Meteor, Mongo, MySQL, .NET, PHP? Just a few of my available tools.

See my past, current and future projects!

who I am

I am a fullstack web developer with access to a large network of programmers, designers and managers.

I make things happen.

where am I

Online, you can find me on GitHub, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Medium, Ello.

Offline, you can find me in Hong Kong.


+852 51130850

what i like

These are some of my favorite sites / apps: product hunt, digital ocean, todoist, buffer, stackshq.

where i work

I am currently working at brew. Previously I worked for designer city and monimedia.

what i think

I write tutorials about all things web development. You can find these in my blog.

Occasionally, I also write more informal commentaries at Medium.